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It is the duty of every government to maintain law and order, and to provide the highest level of security for all people within the country. To accomplish this, highly skilled and trained security personnel need to fulfil the requirements established in carefully developed protocols and codes of behaviour. These requirements might slightly vary from country to country, however, they are all based on the same principle: the application of the minimum effort necessary to safeguard and guarantee national security. We at Elaman support you in meeting these needs.


We provide an unrivalled range and level of basic and advanced training sessions taking the government authorities’ as well as the participants’ specific needs explicitly into account. In a time of increasing global insecurity, our aim is to help develop security personnel’s capabilities. To that end we are happy to share our knowledge on how to effectively prevent and fast and efficiently resolve security issues.



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We impart our expertise by offering high quality trainings. Following a detailed risk assessment and meticulous planning process, trainings are held at first class locations using state-of-the-art equipment. All our trainers are highly experienced specialists. Each training is tailored to the client’s specific requirements, covering both theoretical and practical aspects, and is carried out either at our training centres or at the client’s own facilities.



Good to know

All our training courses are designed to impart both technical and operational experience and contain theoretical as well as practical training sessions.