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Protection your people


To enable our clients to more reliably protect their personnel’s lives, we offer a wide range of products, solutions and services that have specifically been developed to combat RCIEDs:


Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) equipment provides protection against Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs), also known as jammers, effectively disrupting a wide range of radio signals that might be used as a trigger for RCIEDs or wireless surveillance equipment (counter surveillance). We provide cutting-edge technologies  that effectively protect you against the ever-increasing threats of RCIEDs:

  •     Manpack jammers for bomb disposal teams

  •     VIP convoy jamming systems

  •     Static systems for deployment in Buildings


Our systems are primarily designed and manufactured in Germany. Over the past years, they have become widely accepted and are currently being used by numerous governments and countries all over the world, with which we have been able to build long lasting business relations.



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Protect your data, protect yourself


As the value of confidential information increases, the threat potential and available surveillance technologies also increase. Within government organisations, it is the responsibility of security experts to develop a dependable security strategy in order to reliably protect any valuable data. Our many years of experience in this area enable us to provide not only the optimum in specialized technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM) equipment but also to provide these experts with professional advice in order for them to select the combination of products and services that best suits their needs. We furthermore offer professional training courses for our clients’ counter surveillance and sweep teams to guarantee the highest level of protection in this area.


To prevent unauthorised persons from accessing restricted areas or sensitive and confidential information, structural, mechanical and electronic security have to be ensured. Therefore, the installation of a “bug proof” shielded room is essential for governmental agencies to protect themselves from illegal eavesdropping. Featuring different materials and technologies, the rooms we provide are specifically designed to absorb both acoustic and electromagnetic waves to reliably prevent eavesdropping from outside.